The founders

About The Brothers



We Started Maximum Sound and Security in 1997. We started with myself working 2 jobs night and day just to support both our families while we build up enough customers to support ourselves.   “I swear I didn’t know what day it was for a long time.”   The next stage was to work to get enough customers to actually get to pay ourselves.  The payday was small, but it was a very big victory in our eyes for us.   The feeling of independence is something words could not explain.   After the 3-year mark, we finally gave the installation department (ME!) some help and hired our first employee.  From there it just kept getting better and better.  It didn’t hurt that we had probably one of the best salesman in the state in my brother Ralph.  He was a hybrid trained by the best.  His father.  We both loved what we were doing and mostly loved the customers that had enough faith to do business with a couple of guys just starting.  We aimed to please.  Fast forward to now.  We have become one of the industry’s best.   From our well-informed office staff through sales and to our highly qualified install and service department.  Yes, it’s been over 20 years, but it feels like we’re just getting started.